Jordan Williams Law

Jordan Williams Law is a divorce and family lawyer firm based in Wimborne.


What led you to search for office space?

I had been working at home for 5 years and had outgrown my working space twice. I had considered Arena Ferndown some years ago but at the time it was convenient to remain located at home and keep my overheads down and be able to pass on such savings to my clients in the early years of my practice. January 2017 was the right time to move to an office for me.

What made you choose Arena?

I knew immediately when I looked around the available office space at Arena that I would fit in and that it was the right place for me to be located; only 2.6 miles from home with very nice serviced facilities giving my client’s a sense that my business is very professional and located in a convenient place with free parking.

Tell us about your experiences with Arena since taking occupancy

I have already grown the business and moved to a larger office where I feel even more comfortable with enough space to expand and see clients in comfort. Arena offers flexibility as your business grows and has superb facilities on hand – support staff on reception, a comfortable and airy waiting area, and lovely meeting rooms/boardroom.

Which three words would you use to describe Arena?

I love it!

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