GBW Solutions

GBW is the market leader in customer experience management. They operate globally with a field force of more than 400,000 independent mystery shoppers and auditors.

What led you to search for office space?

We were at the end of our lease in our existing office, and were looking for a new space in keeping with the requirements of our business and team.

What made you choose Arena?

Arena’s offices at The Square were exactly what we were looking for. A great location, competitively priced, with a smart, modern and professional interior and a terrific in-house team to match!

Tell us about your experiences with Arena since taking occupancy

Arena has gone above and beyond to ensure our office move and subsequent day-to-day requirements are met… we couldn’t have asked for more.

Which three words would you use to describe Arena?

"Smart, modern and professional” sums up Arena perfectly.

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