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Who are we?

Introducing Arena Business Centres

Arena have been delivering workspace solutions in prime locations since 2003. Privately owned, we deliver high-quality offices and modern working environments. Our continual investment means every centre will always look exceptional.

In a constantly changing business landscape we aim to help our clients stay agile, keep flexible and control their costs. We achieve this through one monthly fee that gives cost certainty, flexible licence agreements with short notice periods and the ability for clients to flex their business as they need to through upsizing, downsizing or moving out with ease.

Our Clients

Over the years, our experienced team has worked consultatively with entrepreneurs, SMEs and Corporates alike. We have helped deliver workspace solutions to such companies as John Lewis, BP, Balfour Beatty, Ernst & Young, Sunseeker to Standard Chartered Bank.

Entrepreneurs 25%
SME’s 45%
Corporates 30%
Expand within one year 24%
Clients for 5+ years 35%
Clients for 10+ years 15%

What can we
offer you and
your business?

Delivering space for you to perform. Choose a location across our network of centres whether it is a two person office, short term project space for 20 or long term head office for 200. We deliver workspaces that help our clients stay agile, control their costs and keep flexible.

Collaboration Spaces

Collaborate, share ideas and create those light bulb moments. With stunning business lounges, sociable kitchen areas and private pods we realise the importance of creating inspirational space away from the office.

Meeting Rooms

Ensure you get the most out of every meeting. Book an Arena meeting space; interior designed, inspirational and professional rooms that create the right impression and give the team space away from the office to do their best work.


Ensure your workspace truly works for you now and in the future. Choose from a range of fully customisable offices with flexible start dates and adjustable agreements that give your business freedom in an ever changing landscape. Stay connected and get working straight away with complimentary IT and furniture packages.

Our Commitment

Arena create inspirational, lightfilled working environments that deliver space for every type of business to perform. We work consultatively with every client to ensure they have the right space to help them thrive.

Working in partnership we help clients customise their space so it creates a sense of ownership and identity. Every centre is managed by a hand-picked team who are there to take care of the small details, so our clients can focus on the bigger picture. They will similarly look after our clients visitors and their team, as if they were our own; it is our intention to make coming to work a pleasure.

The Team

Working closely with our clients are a hand-picked centre team to ensure the smallest details are taken care of, allowing our clients to focus on the bigger picture.

They will look after your team and visitors as if they were our own and go out of their way to make sure your team and have everything they need to be their best.

Join The Arena Team

We are a work family who care for each other and our clients. A progressive company in every way – hard work, commitment and integrity is proactively recognised and rewarded through career development.

Team lunches, MediCash, work wardrobe and professional training ensures we continue to deliver exceptional service. Join our journey by privately emailing mary@arenabusinesscentres.com

Safe working

We are committed to creating safe working environments. It is our priority to help our clients and their teams work safely, effectively and confidently.

Through fully informed and committed centre managers we strive to achieve the highest standards by following government guidance and adopting stringent measures.

COVID Statement

Arena are committed to providing safe and flexible office environments that allow our clients to work with confidence and ease. Our priority now more than ever is to deliver safe, flexible office space that enables our clients to stay agile and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

We are working constantly to take care of the small details, helping shape the future workplace by delivering creativity, collaboration and community.

How are Arena helping

There are many ways we are promoting safety and wellbeing at every centre from signage reminders, visitor tracking, enhanced cleaning to revised layouts:

Reception Visitor Management

An innovative ‘e-Reception Book’ system on every reception protects visitors, contractors, clients and staff ensuring immediate NHS Track & Trace contacts if required.

Sanitised working environments

Hand sanitisers are provided at key points and regular handwashing promoted throughout.

Continual Risk Assessments

The centre teams complete regular risk assessments in conjunction with the latest Health and Safety reports and government guidelines.

Revised cleaning procedures

Our cleaning processes have been enhanced through regular disinfecting, increased frequency and continual inspections.

Social distancing

Our spacious reception, business lounge and breakout areas ensure safe social distancing promoted through signage reminders.

Washrooms and kitchens spaces

To promote best practice and avoid difficult conversations our kitchens are open with strategic signage indicating social distancing that is promoted by the centre teams.

Refining indoor air quality

We ensure enhanced indoor air quality through continual maintenance to enhance each centres HVAC strategies.

Revised client layouts

Arena work consultatively with every client to ensure their workspace performs for them and in a layout that enables safe practices.

More information can be made available upon request.

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